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Once loaded, the page will provide a listing of available satellites that are visible from the input location.

Step 2 – View the output of the Satellite Look Angle Calculator once you have selected the desired satellite.

The following are some of the popular FTA satellite receiver vendors on the market at the time of this writing.

Coolsat Receivers – Coolsat uses state of the art FTA technology.

Coolsat 5000 or the Coolsat 6000 are good products.

Coolsat 5000 is one of the popular Coolsat series products, with Coolsat 6000 also being a top class product.

– Is Dolby SPDIF output capability supported by the receiver?– Is there a PIG/PIP interface installed on the receiver?– Is there a “Blind Search Power Scan” capability to find all channels transmitted by a given satellite?Additional quality FTA satellite receiver manufacturers include Ariza, Black Bird, Digiwave, Multi Star, Twinhan, and Ultra Star.The initial setup of an FTA satellite dish can prove to be a bit challenging for the consumer who is new to free to air programming.

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