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The Polkaholix sound reminds me a bit of Polkacide or Babylon Circus.

As usual, Wild Wilson discovered this before I did — darn you, Wild Man!

The group is built around the four (Lenny Gomulka and Chicago Push, Push Records CPE9501, 1995) Since Marion Lush has been gone for over 20 years, I say it's time to give Lenny Gomulka the "Golden Voice of Polkas" crown.

His voice is always wonderful, his songwriting is excellent and his recorded output is always professionally produced.

Reviews | Genres and Artists | Q&A | Bibliography | Links | RSS Syndication I have been reviewing and rating polka CDs since 2002. If you're new to polka music, you might want to start with my overview of polka artists and genres.Not only that, he was the first person to write and tell me he liked my polka website.I bought this CD so I could own "For Old Time Sake Waltz," which Lenny wrote for him and Eddie Blazonczyk to sing together.Nice graphic design by Matthew Fass, though liner notes describing the tunes would have been nice.B [] [Vendor: CDbaby](Zirka, self-published, UPC 0-20193-00052-8, 2008) Zirka is a Candian sextet that plays energetic, folk-rock-tinged dance tunes rooted in Ukrainian traditional music.

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B [11-4-2012] [Vendor: (Various artists, Trikont US-289) My number one favorite polka album.