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It shows more than fifty white citizens posing together on the brand new bridge over the North Canadian River.

Some of the men are in suits and ties, others are in their shirtsleeves; nearly all have hats. The photographer made other exposures so we can see more detail.

"If you never been in jail, without a single friend to your name, and stood around there like a lost dog in a hard rain, why then you won’t get the full meaning out of any jailhouse song. These songs, oddly enough, do not bear a Lomax name on the copyright; thus, they could hardly be “folk music” were they not "Copyright TRO/The Richmond Organization." He’s in the jailhouse now He’s in the jailhouse now I told him over again To quit drinkin’ whiskey, lay off of that gin He’s in the jailhouse now Ah-d’leedle-odelayee-yodel-ee-hee Yodel-leedle-dodel-ayee-yodel-ee-hee Yodel-ay-ee-hee, lay-ee-hee, d’yodel-ay-ee...

His mother, Laura Nelson, who was raped, is covered in a long sundress. ”For a year or so my dad was undersheriff of Okemah, Oklahoma, and he used to tell me many a sad tale about that old black jailhouse...

Rogers’ newspaper column was widely syndicated — 800 newspapers, distributed by the New York Times from 1922 until his death in 1935 — and hugely popular; Woody wrote for the West Coast Communist newspaper People’s World for a brief while but never managed to break into the big leagues.

(“Woody Sez” began May 12, 1939; by August 25, Pravda proudly announced the Molotov-Ribbentrop Non-Aggression Pact allying Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia; “Woody Sez” appeared sporadically until November 1940; during that time, under the Non-Aggression Pact’s benign accord, Hitler invaded Poland, then Stalin invaded Poland too; Stalin invaded Finland (causing the Soviet Union to be expelled from the League of Nations), Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and the Baltic States, while Hitler invaded Denmark, Norway, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, and blockaded Britain, sinking non-combatant ships throughout the Atlantic and launching rocket and bombing attacks against England’s civilian population; Woody Guthrie maintained his faux-folksy Party line throughout, following the Communist Party insistence on “neutrality” perfectly until Hitler attacked the Soviets on June 22, 1941, at which time the line changed overnight and Guthrie enthusiastically joined in demanding that the United States attack the fascists, that America must “Open Up The Eastern Front” and defend the Soviet Union.) Once a top-billed vaudeville headliner known as “The Cherokee Kid,” Will Rogers never in life went quiet about being part Indian, never quit nimbly waltzing his massive syndicated newspaper column’s all-American audience over to that other end of reservation so as to have a good quick glance at how things looked from the fucked-up smoky-ass side of the campfire.

Much less a part of any Americana tableau, less comical, less laughable, less likely to loom over a postal lobby, but visually stunning all the same, the so-called “Trail of Tears” — "Nunna daul Tsuny" was how the Cherokee described it in their own language, in their own newspapers and books: The Trail Where They Cried — was as well-organized as any act in our savage centuries-long American ethnic cleansing campaign against all the Indian nations.

Some honor accrues to General John Wool, who resigned his commission rather than execute President Andrew Jackson’s land-grab fiat; General Winfield Scott efficiently replaced him in the chain of command and in 1838, the Cherokee Nation was forcibly removed from its fertile traditional lands in Georgia to the absurd barren badlands of Oklahoma: Neverland.

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  1. Though, I do think it was funny with that weird demon head, that when you touched him screamed, 'WELL DONE!!!!! ' Very nice graphics, music got a little repetitive, nice concept and originality but the level of challenge was just too much for me, so I give you a six.