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Nonverbal communication in dating

This content is worth understanding in any walk of life.But dating is an interaction with a physical aim (regardless of how much substance you’re looking for) that non-verbal communication skills are nothing short of a survival kit in the world of seduction.These are hallmarks of confidence and attractiveness.Facial expressions are crucial to both emitting and receiving signals and body language signs.To understand the impact of non-verbal communication in the world of dating, it’s important to first think about what communication is at its core.Communication is defined as at least two entities sending and receiving information to each other.

Keep in mind, these give you an advantage but they do not make you a mind reader.

93% of the way you communicate comes from what you don’t say.

You know when you earn a spot in a girl’s bad books, and you ask how she is ten minutes later and get a ‘fine’ but her eyes, tone of voice, body posture, and distance all suggest that she wants to throw things at you?

Also, knowing how to read others around her can make life easier. However, when feet shift back, under or curl around a chair leg, it means retreat, lack of confidence or fear. When you first shake hands with your dream-girl, notice her hand position. If her hand was palm up, she is giving you control.

If she turns your hand face up and hers face down, she is taking charge. If her hand extends far out with a locked elbow, she has not warmed up to you yet.

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Try to have as little control as possible, as we rarely have as much hold on our facial expressions as we think.

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