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Accordingly, the recommendations made by the Task Force under Dr.Pronab Sen made have been considered and a draft National Pharmaceuticals Pricing Policy has been formulated which seeks to control the prices of essential drugs as per the National List of Essential Medicines 2011 (NLEM‐ 2011).i EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Indian pharmaceutical Industry has witnessed a robust growth of around 14% since the beginning of the 11 th Plan in 2007 from about Rs 71000 crores to over Rs1 lac crores in 2009‐10 comprising some Rs62,055 crores of domestic market and exports of over Rs 42,154 crores.This also amounts to around 20% of total volume of global generics.As regards the Bulk drugs component of the industry, the market is around Rs 42,000crores giving it a share of around 50% of the total domestic market.This gives the Indian Bulk Drug industry a share of about 9% of the global bulk drug market.With this approach, the preparation of the 12 th Plan involved a detailed SWOT analysis of the Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry.

More than 65% of India’s requirement of medical devices and equipments are met through imports with domestic production being largely restricted to low technology disposable equipments.The major opportunities are‐ (a) Huge market potential ,(b) Growing opportunities in export market, (c) Growing demand on account of changing demographic profile, increasing incidences of life style diseases like cancer, CNS and diabetics, etc.The major threats are – (a) Growing competition in export markets, (b) Increasing dependency on imports, (c) Unorganized market for medical disposables, (d) Lack of regulations in medical disposables and surgical items.However, the Industry is quite fragmented and comprises of nearly 10,500 units with majority of them in unorganized sector.Of these, about 300‐400 units are categorized as belonging to medium to large organized sector with the top 10 manufacturers accounting for 36.5% of the market share.

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