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M m spanking chat

He sat on the groyne and pulled me across his lap with ease and then he started to spank me with his hand.My swimming costume was cut in such a way that it only just kept me modest and in effect he was spanking me on my bare bottom. The first smack alone made me yelp and the others followed so fast there was no relief.There was no way I would beg for mercy but truthfully I was beginning to panic and felt that he was just going on for hours.The heat in my bottom became so intense I could think of nothing but getting off his lap but he had me in a tight grip.Also I have to admit that his castle was a wondrous creation and I could not have done half as well. At first I ignored it but then I tried to tease him out of his dictator manner but to no avail.

I think it must have had the same effect on him because when he saw the children’s buckets and spades he suddenly suggested that we build a sandcastle.

I was cross and fought him but he was too strong: soon I wasn’t fighting him but just trying to get my bum out of the way.

I wriggled and kicked and yelped but nothing stopped the relentless stream of smacks and the stinging heat that just got worse and worse.

Well I was only wearing a one piece swimming costume and actually liked running in and out of the sea so had no complaints.

He, to be fair, was in shorts and an expensive summer shirt that must have cost a packet and of which he was very proud, so going into the water was not an option for him.

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With our newly purchased buckets and spades we went back down to the beach and found a spot above the high tide mark because “we don’t want the tide to wash our work away.” Naturally he was chief of everything: chief architect, engineer, craftsman and workman.

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