Laws of age dating consent

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Laws of age dating consent

What they have access to is pornography in the myriad of ways that it is available on-line (and some of our street billboards, I might add), hook up apps like Grindr, Tinder and Facebook groups where clan meet ups and eyeballs are arranged.

Speaking metaphorically, they are going off to “play the field” of dating and relationships without proper training, adequate preparation, or education.

We are one of nine countries in the world where rate of new HIV infections continues to increase by more than 25 percent.

(READ: HIV and teen pregnancy: A national youth crisis) CONSENT.

It’s shocking that in many developed countries the age of consent is as low as 12 or 13 (they take into account the physical maturity of the girl, not emotional.) At the same time, it’s interesting to know how different societies and countries view this issue.

For example, the laws pertaining to the age of consent for sex.

And given our existing laws, Filipino adolescents are old enough to engage in sex but are not old enough to access HIV tests or contraceptives.

To clarify, Republic Act 8353 (Anti-Rape Law) says in Section 2 that sexual act without intimidation or abuse is not considered rape if the woman is 12 years old and above. If a male who is 12-15 years old who consensually have sex is not liable under RA 7610, then there is RA 10630 or the amended Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act, which can make males 15 years and one day to 17 years old liable for rape.MANILA, Philippines (UPDATED) – The age of consent in the Philippines is 12 years old.In the eyes of the law, a Filipino can legally engage in consensual sex at the age of 12.Myrza Sison, editor-in-chief of , “Why Twentysomething Filipina Women Often Have to Live Double Lives,” Sison was asked how she handles the coverage of sensitive issues like sex and abortion in the devoutly Catholic Philippines—and in light of the age of consent being so young.Sison asserted that sex education should begin at the start of adolescence and lamented the fact that Sex Ed is left out in many school curricula.

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We are losing out on the importance of talking about taking care of your emotional well-being, knowing and setting your boundaries, your right to say no, protecting your self-worth and self-respect – the very things you need to watch out for when you share your body with another person.

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