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"Indeed, it's working against these policies." By extending its airstrikes against the terror organization "IS" to include Kurdish militant PKK targets, Turkey risks escalating conflict with other Kurdish groups in the region. () After signs that Ankara ended peace talks with the Kurdish PKK, Turkey's ruling party has turned around and said a compromise might still be met.Meanwhile, NATO has vowed solidarity with Turkey in fighting terrorism."It's ridiculous that the United States can't see this," Gunter said."Turkey is killing Kurds who are fighting ISIS, who is supposed to be the American enemy." "[Turkey]'s not supporting NATO policies against ISIS," he continued.The US, at least publicly, has supported the Turkish strikes against the PKK.In a press conference, State Department spokesman John Kirby called the PKK "terrorists" and said Ankara has the right to defend itself.The Turkish government simultaneously launched strikes against PKK positions in northern Iraq.PKK militants had reportedly killed two police officers in Turkey, accusing Ankara of turning a blind eye to Islamic State crimes against the Kurds.

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