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This study argues and demonstrates that, given the extremely high mortality rate in the Roman Empire, a very early age of marriage was desirable, especially for Roman girls, in order to ensure a reasonably stable population.

This study will make a significant contribution to the area of Roman demography and social history.

The California Department of Education’s new recommended reading list, which was released last week, is causing some controversy because — gasp! Though the list, which contains over 7,800 books, recommends only 32 that fall into the “gay-themed” category, several conservative critics are saying predictably nasty things.

Never mind that this list has included books with gay and transgender characters for the past ten years.

Author’s afterthought: Late marriages (females at 16 to 18 rather than at 12 to 15 as in other societies) gave time to both sexes to mature physically and intellectually. Order this book from University of Illinois Press, Amazon or Barnes and Noble booksellers. It offers an hypothesis that explains the apparent discrepancy between the literary and epigraphic evidence.

The age of marriage in Rome had important demographic implications.

Read it for the history, read it for Baldwin’s expert ability to universalize even the most specific of urges, read it because it’s delicious reading.Pederasty was from the beginning both physical and emotional, the highest and most intense type of male bonding.These pederastic bonds, Percy believes, were responsible for the rise of Hellas and the "Greek miracle": in two centuries the population of Attica, a mere 45,000 adult males in six generations, produced an astounding number of great men who laid the enduring foundations of Western thought and civilization. Verstraete (Edwin Mellen Press, 2003) Description from Mellen Press: First, this study provides a convenient review of the research done and various views held since the late 19th century on the age of marriage in ancient Roman society.In sum, for the opinion that the Roman law did not forbid a Roman citizen to ever take the passive role in a homosexual, sit all the old Germans including Kiefer and Hirschfeld, Lilja, Williams, Johansson, and myself. Believing the opposite are Richlin, Cantarella, Rice, and Verstraete. The best arbitrator would have been Theodore Mommsen, Sr., with his unparalleled Römische Strafrecht, but without his living presence, we would do best to scrutinize his work.

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