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You, the three major credit bureaus, and any lenders you may do business with have access to your credit report.We won’t solicit or distribute your credit report or score to anyone when you sign up for a Credit Sesame account.Do you site on the timely or late side paying your bills? How many loans have you successfully paid off in full?Your payment history makes the biggest impact on your FICO score.Lenders will want to know you credit report and score to determine your ability to hold a loan.

Though only a small influence on your credit score, a good credit mix means you can juggle those accounts and keep them in the air – financially speaking, that is.The amount of credit you owe also affects your credit score in a big way.If your credit-to- debt ratio (how much you owe compared to your available credit) is low, your credit score will benefit, since it illustrates that you don’t rely too much on credit.With a full credit report you’ll have a complete, comprehensive look at your credit activity.You can get 3 credit reports once a year from the 3 major credit bureaus (1 report per year each) to find out your credit standing.

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