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It just does not go with my personality and character.

Midnight in Paris is a creamy almond benzoin/ vanilla perfume with touch of soft leather. Listen, Midnight in Paris is cute but nowhere near worth a couple of hundred bucks a pop! IMO the best thing about MIP is the exquisite bottle.

Generally speaking, so many people would never stock up on a newly discontinued scent because so few are interested in wearing it. Not only is it a beautiful blend of amber, floral, tea, and tonka bean notes, it surprisingly has one of the best tobacco notes you can hope to find. Longevity:9/10 Projection:7/10 Scent:9/10 Versatility:10/10 Complexity:9/10 Overall: 9/10 I remember when a bottle of stuff (EDT or EDP) used to cost almost nothing. I'm VERY lucky to have a 2010 40ml bottle which I love. Longevity - 4/5 : a good 8 hours on me Love makes life live... I hadn't heard of, never mind even thought of trying this fragrance.

Looking at the prices on e Bay, I think the large interest in this scent is more than proven. Very well done and balanced fragrance created by the god of modern parfumery!! But my boss gave me a sample of it (as we're all fragrance nerds at work) and it's seriously become my favourite fragrance. But if anyone wants to trade or exchange or sell it to me, email me.

It is very deep and rich and it lasts for a long time. A less than for 100 ml I decided to take a chance on it, and I'm certainly glad I did.

Its dark aura arises from tonka beans, while incense adds a mysterious note. Everything from the scent, formulation, price to presentation should remain the same as they used to be before the fragrance got discontinued. And for the money a bottle is going for now you can snag, say, Tom Ford's "Tuscan Leather" and really get a bang for your buck.

Thank you again, Olivier Polge Perfect fall fragrance. [email protected] Got it but cannot enjoy it,too feminine. It was really what i expected by a high quality house like VC&A,the scent is something else,powdery,rubbery,vanillic and elegant,we just don't share the spark of love.

Combination of sweet leather and powdery vibe is irresistible. Although it fetches higher price even on discounted websites, it might be worth investing in this one. I had extremely unrealistic expectations going into this to be fair, but what I get out of it is a sweet powder covered rubber balloon... when it feels good to wander around enjoying the silhoutte over aging sun. The scent is of great quality products made,and the BOTTLE! I bought this frag (EDP) once two years ago and I did liked it. It's definitely a cooler night, Fall, or winter scent.

Actually I like the bottle design more than the fragrance itself. Midnight in Paris is a grounded smoky leather scent with a balanced dose of sweet notes of amber/benzoin and fresh notes of bergamot and lily.

I have a full bottle if you are interested contact me. This is a difficult fragrance to describe, or at least in my opinion, but I'll try anyway. Scent - 8/10 Performance - 7/10 Presentation - 20/10 Gorgeous bottle design! It really reminds me of the dry down of the original Vince Camuto for women except that one contains the note of rum and the amber is more pronounced, and it projects a lot.

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This is a keeper I bought mine for around £20 three years ago, or so. I try and keep my favourites out of hype territory, as finding a treasure and not having to pay the Earth for it is part of the enjoyment of this hobby.