Casual dating seattle

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Casual dating seattle

via Pinterest via Pinterest I’ve been in a few relationships. Now, obviously I am not in them anymore so my perception is skewed to a certain degree, but there are some things that were, and are, undeniably satisfactory about being in a committed relationship.

You always have someone to do things with, you always have someone to talk to, and of course the “I have a boyfriend” line always works when you’re trying to escape a guy you really aren’t interested in.

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I like to think of casual dating as similar to a friendship.

You two can talk and go out together (with the additional bonus of participating in PDA) but just remember they’re allowed to have other “friends” as well.

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If you’re a woman that is seeing multiple men, you will definitely be viewed in a negative light. Why is there such a stigma placed on who and how we can date? Older generations, and even our peers that have been taught and internalized traditional ideals, feel that casual dating shouldn’t be accepted, that you should be committed to someone or single.

Now we could debate about this all day, but at the end of said day it's a personal decision, so, instead, let’s talk about the benefits of each.

Casual dating means that you are seeing someone, but you could be seeing someone else as well.

But if those people fluctuate too often, or your number gets over a certain amount, you best bust out the label maker because the names will be flying.

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