Capital dating district

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Capital dating district

As a staunch supporter of the death penalty, I consider this to be a good thing for my state and its citizens.

Indeed, restoring capital punishment is the will of the people, yet many voices are raised against it.

It is a common misconception to believe that fear is a thought process that has to be worked out with a piece of paper. It is an instinct that automatically kicks in when one is faced with lethal force! During the temporary suspension on capital punishment from 1972-1976, researchers gathered murder statistics across the country.

In 1960, there were 56 executions in the USA and 9,140 murders.

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Changing views on this difficult issue and many legal challenges to capital punishment working their way through the courts resulted in a halt to executions in the United States in 1967.

Eventually, the Supreme Court placed a moratorium on capital punishment in 1972 but later upheld it in 1977, with certain conditions.

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Here's why: Return to Contents One argument states that the death penalty does not deter murder.