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Camp counselors dating

And a lot of camp counselors aren’t really trying to stop it.

They were beautiful and confident in Nike shorts and without a speck of makeup on. They had an answer to every question I could throw at them and had a memorized bible verse for every situation.

Jewish sleepaway camps in particular have been turning a blind eye to teens hooking up in the cabins, in part because most camp counselors were once regular campers, too (so they know how it is) and in part because a lot of religious camps like their campers to develop relationships within their own religion that will become the norm for them later–though a lot of more conservative camps will do everything they can to discourage anything sexual from going down.

A lot of camp counselors give a lot of leeway for hooking up at camp, whether it’s not reporting people sneaking into one another’s cabins or deliberately giving extra alone time to couples. Chances are whether hooking up at camp is allowed or not, it’s still going to happen.

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They’re the kind of role model that I hope I can be.

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  1. It all started with a member of the group who was showing concern to another member, by typing “it shall be well and God is in control.”The next person then posts: “On matters hospitality.”The woman, who appears to be having a raunchy chat with someone else mistakenly sent a wrong message to the group, detailing how she enjoys sex.