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Camera lens repairs essex

The first step in ensuring that the caravan/trailers “tracks” correctly, is to check that the tow-vehicle does!This can be done simply by driving down the road and having someone follow you to observe if the tow vehicle tends to “crab”…The same requirements apply to the caravan or camper-trailer, whether single-axle or tandem-axle.While it is most unlikely that manufacturers of solid-axle assemblies would include any toe-in or toe-out, they may well design them to have a small degree of wheel/tyre camber Such axles should be marked so that it is installed with the correct orientation Each wheel needs to have the same degree of camber, and this needs to be measured with a protractor/spirit-level, while the vehicle is on a flat level surface.They must be professionally designed, engineered and tested – and their production quality monitored – to provide a high degree of assurance that the products supplied to the market will meet the intended requirements.A complication arises if manufacturers fail to foresee reasonable unintended use of their products…Having accurate assembly jigs for mounting the suspension units to the chassis are essential, as is an inspection procedure to check the specifications of the installation, before the vehicle leaves the factory.Inevitably over time, there will be some slight distortion of the chassis, hence simple adjustment devices – cams or turn-buckles or such – should be provided in order to facilitate resetting the alignment periodically.

Just one key item that is wrong can cause serious, even lethal, problems.It is also important for caravans and camper-trailers – whether they have an independent suspension or a non-independent (solid-axle) set-up – to have correct alignment.Running-gear manufacturers like all product manufacturers who have strict duty-of-care responsibilities, are required to best ensure that their products are safe for their intended use, and fully comply with all relevant Standards.Accurate wheel-alignment – or correct suspension geometry – of the tow-vehicle is a major issue affecting the vehicle’s stability and handling, along with the life of the tyres.Castor, camber (whether positive or negative) and toe-in/tow-out all need to be as designed for the particular suspension lay-out, in consideration of the roll-axes and instantaneous-centres as the wheels/tyres move up and down.

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Lord Petre stressed that the government’s obligation to take the refugees was fulfilled. Praful Patel, Chair of the India Overseas Trust that has organised the year-long activities, welcomed Lord Petre’s tribute and added: ‘This occasion is a major event for the British Asian community and for Indo-British relations.

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