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Its sad that here in the US we have Vet that need jobs, homeless people on the streets, and disabled people that also need jobs that can answer a phone.

These veterans that stood up, were not asked to protect us, save our freedom, did their job without hesitation, and now have no support from the country they protected.

In 2001, the company acquired Mail Boxes Etc and the UPS Stores is introduced 2 years later. I waited each time and no attempt was made to deliver my package.

Reply i am very mad and have been on phone all i get is i’m sorry your package was not unloaded from the truck so you wont be getting it until we do and then send it to postal service and then scanned and loaded into a different mail truck then they will deliver it i was promised it would be delivered today by end of business i need that package for a business Christmas ornament exchange i can’t just run to the store and find something that will signify Mary Kay that is in our price range for the ornaments you owe me 40.00 bucks send a check to me asap cause you just ruined my business christmas party and i will have no need for this package after 3pm tomorrow and i’m not spending more money to send them back Mary kay is a business that runs on the golden rule and now i can’t even do the golden rule because someone didn’t unload a trailer today Reply Ridiculous!!!! Called Friday after, was told it was out for delivery, then told was lost, they call at 5;45 saying they found it, it had follen into conveyor, can p/u at office, which is 40 miles away and closing in 15 minutes,they verified address on package.Reply They showed me a satellite photo of the package being scanned in my front yard. So, here it is, FRIDAY MORNING, going into day 5 on a 2-DAY Air Delivery and it just got scanned in Montgomery AL to go to Yet Another Facility where I am sure it will again, sit and spoil over the Weekend and need to be called back by the Sender on Monday, one week after the 2day shipment went out.However, I was standing there in the doorway attempting to catch the driver as he pulled away. There was no time for anyone to steal it from my porch. If this was my company, and the best that it could do, I would be lobbing off a lot of heads!The United Parcel Service, more commonly known as UPS, was founded in 1907 by James Casey in Seattle, Washington.The company was originally known as the American Messenger Company.

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Second time I have been WAITING for a package, tracking it and calling and the incompetent driver LIES and says that they have made an attempt but no answer. Later got phone message saying will delivery saterday11/25…package, no phone call.