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I am happy to say that friends who borrowed the book are also implementing your techniques and they have been very successful.

Thankyou so much, it means a lot to us dog lovers.” "..goodness I never would have thought such a simple thing would make such a difference.I also would never have thought of doing it...thank you very much..

She just walked around calmly - well they all did - and then walked down the drive with me." surprise.all saw better behavior..we're not fully there.my we've made progress your advice on how to put the lead on the dog is truly heavensent information.

Oh my I wait every night for reading time to come..

Thank goodness that I can communicate with him in his mother tongue.Her latest book, Living with an Alien is selling gast as local bookshops on an Australian TV channel has invited her to participate in a show.Dog Behaviourists in the UK are also knocking at Pam Whyte's door for her expert advice." .I love your book.reading it intensely..." "I am gobsmacked at how amazingly well this works!For the first time ever, Emily, my 14-month-old choccie labrador, didn't try and jump onto my lap in the car!

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[A black German Shepherd.) At the end of the session she had more control over her dog than the people who had been coming for the past 4 months - who were not disabled." Pam Whyte's highly popular book on Dog Psychology, Dog Whispering and Natural Dog Training - Living with an Alien - is bringing dogs and their families into harmony with one another by teaching dog owners how to control their dogs kindly and easily by understanding them on a deeper and (much) more exciting level.