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Interestingly, the report contends that once foreign sex workers adapt to the local cost of living, their rates do tend to increase. Physical Appearance Not surprisingly, physical attraction matter a great deal when it comes to the purchase of sex, with those who conform to the “stereotypical Western beauty” able to charge the highest hourly rates overall, according to the study.

reports that the highest earners have a slim to athletic build with long blond hair and full breasts.

Inexperience Now here’s an interesting factor: “newbies” who arrive in the U.

S sex industry have a tendency of underpricing themselves due to their novice status. In this regard, the report states that in 1988 the price for standard sex services – fellatio and vaginal sex – in Nevada cost around 0 an hour, which with inflation amounts to around 5 today.

A tearful woman broke down in court in Germany as she alleged that three asylum seekers raped her a total of nine times when she was ambushed at a town fair.

The alleged attack in August 2016 left the 28-year-old Hungarian victim 'shattered,' she told a court in Mühlhausen.

While this reduction has in part been blamed on the financial crisis, here’s a list of eight additional factors cited in the report that have influenced the going rate of commercial sex work today – for better and for worse.1.

On the other hand, the effect of the Internet is that “traditional forms of prostitution” have suffered such as the red light district in The Netherlands where in the decade preceding 2010 the number of licensed sex workers fell by more than 50 percent due to the growth of sex work advertised online.Advertising There is no question that online advertising has reduced the need for the middleman like pimps and brothels, allowing sex workers to work independently with more flexible hours and allowing them to keep more of their earnings.Yet, it has also raised new costs associated with demand such as hiring managers or assistants to take care of bookings and social media, which are certainly not inexpensive, as the study explains:“Clients contact sex workers via their websites, by e-mail, through Facebook and Twitter.Ethnicity also plays a role when it comes to price, which differs based on location.For example in America, black women earn less than white women, whereas in Kuala Lumpur, black women command higher rates. Education Obtaining a university degree tends to increase a sex worker’s earnings, just as it does for those who work in the conventional labor market.

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Yet, according to sex worker and founder of Erotic Service Providers, Maxine Doogan, new sex workers are still charging $200 for those services today and doing far more risky work such as oral sex without condoms, but without charging for the additional services.5.

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