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It involves gryphons, creatures created by the mage Urtho (Mage of Silence).

Co-protagonists are Skandranon Rashkae, a princely but proud ebony gryphon, and Amberdrake, a Healer of spirit and mind called a kestra'chern.

The introduction of a fourfold deity (Tarma's Goddess) was something of a novel idea at the time of publication.

The latter part of Kerowyn's Tale, By the Sword fills in the events that happen after Arrow's Fall but before Winds of Fate.The first written and published of the Valdemar novels, these center on the character Talia, who from the moment of being Chosen by her Companion Rolan becomes the special and hard-working Queen's Own Herald.These center on the Weaponsmaster Alberich (in the first two books) and the thief Skif (in the third book), telling the stories of their not-entirely-voluntary enrollments as Heralds.These occur some centuries before the Heralds of Valdemar books, telling the life story of Vanyel Ashkevron; by the time of the "later" books he has become legend, thus explaining some of the small inconsistencies.This series was also consistently nominated for the Lambda Literary Prize, with Magic's Price winning in 1990.

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The Owl trilogy takes place several years after the events of The Mage Storms and follows the character Darian.